It’s been cool this week, the first real signs of autumn after several weeks of fine weather. Perhaps it’s confused the plants.Our peach trees started to sprout new leaves; half a dozen self-seeded tomato plants have emerged, looking strong and healthy. There’s another which has started growing amongst one of the three bamboo plants out the front.

So much is out of kilter in the economic and political world; like sparks from a failing electricity grid.

It’s good to connect with the drive for life amongst out of season plants. It invites slowing down to connect with what’s at work with these plants, to hear what they might have to say, what they may be wanting, where the balance may lie, what it may be seeking.

About bydda88

I love poetry, writing, especially writing as healing, as touching the sacred, being touched. And place, places dreaming us, us them. Coasts, rivers, canyons; the ordinary things too, the small things, gestures that reach out.
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2 Responses to Seasons

  1. Seeking a Balanced Perspective and Resolve says:

    You’ve Got to Have Balance

    What a beautiful piece of writing! It’s reassuring to experience the essence of harmony, and of peace in the natural balance of the world that as you point out so contradicts if not challenges the world at large- the latter of which seems to be entangled in its own confusion, groping with the promise of a tomorrow that unless the focus avert itself might repeat its’ own histoire.
    As a dear friend once said to me, ‘You’ve got to have balance’ (B.H)

    • bydda88 says:

      Hi -that’s what i like about the Navajo beuaty Way – bringing things back into balance. Walk in beauty they say – it’s poetic and healing.

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