Blue Sky Week

Cold this morning. I’ve lit the fire, a small combustion stove that will soon heat the house. Later I’ll open the doors; it will be too warm inside. It’s a blue sky week, cold at night, beautifully sunny during the day, in the mid 20’s centigrade. The sea will be azure, lighter in places, patchy with the different currents rippling back and forth, lines of curdled white.

So many different currents to a life, to lives. Up the road here a man hung himself in his home some weeks back. Several others suicided in the same month.

The thin, thin threads of life. My GP tells me he sees hundreds of people suffering depression, yuong kids that cut themselves, silent sufferers, many more.

We’re not in a war zone, thank goodness, but there is a war here, people pained and trapped underneath the noisy gloss of our society, so-called reality TV shows, new instant this and thats.

To have good support networks, good family, good friends, open talk seem essentail. Giving voice to the unvoiced.

About bydda88

I love poetry, writing, especially writing as healing, as touching the sacred, being touched. And place, places dreaming us, us them. Coasts, rivers, canyons; the ordinary things too, the small things, gestures that reach out.
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2 Responses to Blue Sky Week

  1. AJ says:

    I love combustion stoves … there were five suicides in the space of about a week just ‘up the road’ – someone should have cared.
    Someone should have opened their heart and said, This is how you can combat it – I know.
    The struggle against self continues in every soul I’m sure – it is only those who face themselves, take up the challenge and make a stand – who find a way to overcome or at least break through…writers live longer I am sure.
    The world seems to be made up of those who suffer and those who donot – those who investigate self and those who donot – what is it that leads a person to the brink of his or her own despair? I should know.
    I fight to live. Fight to not die. Fight the desire to want to leave. I learn along the way what keeps me here – what might send me on my way – Some people lighted my path and I chose to walk it. When I was at my worst I found a true friend.
    We never know how we will influence the life of another…
    So light the fire and light it in rememberance of the need for a fire in the heart, the warmth within to shed that glow abroad. That life may be valued, respected and lived.

    • bydda88 says:

      Hi -thanks for your comments, and yes, lightd that shine on the path make such a difference- or can make that difference.
      In this era of cost cutting (selective cost cutting) health and education seem to suffer. So in this area, despite doctors imploring the Health Department to establish health care centres in two towns where several suicides have occurred, Country Health SA set up a ‘taskforce’ which only looked at five year old statistics which did not show a spike in suicide rates. They didn’t even contact the dcotors who are at there dealing with people who are feeling suicidal.
      It’s rubbish.

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