Twists & Turns

A river twists and turns, even winds back on itself. That’s its magic, the irresistible flow, movement towards, backwaters, tributaries, lagoons and wetlands, different currents, sounds, textures, ripples, colours, reflection.

Rivers don’t run in straight lines, yet how often in our own lives linear thinking can take over. Do this and you’ll get that. Get that and you will be able to do more, do less, do something else. Do.

Even social media can reinforce this. Let alone the cacophony of advertisements all over, wherever.

So it’s good to slow down and still, wind back, watch the two new lizards in the garden, be patient with the earth, oneself, others.

About bydda88

I love poetry, writing, especially writing as healing, as touching the sacred, being touched. And place, places dreaming us, us them. Coasts, rivers, canyons; the ordinary things too, the small things, gestures that reach out.
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