Morning Lizard

I’m at my desk, looking out on to the garden as I wait for the laptop to start. It’s just after sunrise.  I watch the lizard outside emerge from its resting place in the rock wall, can’t help but go out and say hello to it. Its eyes blink. I keep back from it, not wanting to trespass on its space, return to my desk. When I look out again, the lizard’s moved to its sunning spot as sunlight stretches across our garden. Later I will need to close the blinds to keep the house and my office cool.

Next time I look out the lizard’s gone, moved off amongst the plants and leaves of pumpkins spreading to the left of our small garden path. No rain means we need to water more, but we’re loathe to do that willy nilly, so some parts are dry, others greener.

The presence of the lizard softens the day for me; reminds me too, just to go about at a slower pace, more relaxed, comfortable with what the day reveals  no matter what. After all, life is there to be lived. All moments are partnerships of one sort or another.


About bydda88

I love poetry, writing, especially writing as healing, as touching the sacred, being touched. And place, places dreaming us, us them. Coasts, rivers, canyons; the ordinary things too, the small things, gestures that reach out.
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2 Responses to Morning Lizard

  1. A lazy lizard says:

    I’m at my desk in the cooling of another day after a succession of ultra-hot hairdryer days and nights without relief.
    The large green frog outside the back door is gone with the sun’s rising and I research the 6th Battalion, 20th Reinforcements – on the other side of the Euripidean distance that separates life and death – a grave in Harbonnaires from regional Australia where we enjoy the fruits of freedom, the spirit of Nature nurturing souls to good health and one would hope the wisdom of the ages.
    Ah! The lizard – companion of life – in Aboriginal Dreaming the Lizard Man:

    Lizard Man
    When lizard man, Mangar-Kunjer-Kunja
    Stood like Adam in The Dreaming
    The self-existing ‘numbakulla’
    Shaped a myriad flycatchers like lizard
    Manga-Kunjer-Kunja in the The Dreaming
    A sleeping giant breathes in centuries
    ‘Don’t you climb all over him
    It’s like climbing over a person.’*

    *Ulurua (Ayers Rock)
    The lizard is safe in it’s haven a lesson to us of how life is and how life is not….reminding us to go slowly…

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